Creating a Shared Haven with Traci Sheppard: A Coastal-Themed Boys' Bedroom for Phoenix and Cruz

When it comes to designing a shared bedroom for boys, Traci has truly crafted a tranquil oasis for her sons, Phoenix and Cruz. The attention to detail and thoughtful choices make this room a calming and soothing space for the boys to unwind after their busy days of play.


We love the muted striped fitted sheets, elegantly complemented by handmade kantha quilts. These soft and cozy quilts add warmth and texture to the room, inviting the boys to snuggle up and relax. Adding a touch of personalised charm are our custom cushions, which feature the boys' names and perfectly tie in with the coastal theme. Natural elements play a significant role in this space, with matching wooden bed bases adding a touch of warmth and grounding. A rattan bedside serves as a shared storage for the boys, while a rattan palm brings a touch of nature indoors. The palm wallpaper creates a serene backdrop, evoking the calming vibes of the coast.


To complete the coastal ambiance, soft white sheer curtains gently diffuse the natural light, creating an ethereal atmosphere. Delicate cotton bunting adds a whimsical touch, while a raffia pendant light adds a rustic yet stylish element. Traci's attention to detail and cohesive coastal theme have resulted in a shared bedroom that provides Phoenix and Cruz with a calm and soothing place to rest. It's a space where they can unwind, dream, and create lasting memories together. From the handmade kantha quilts to the custom cushions and natural elements, every aspect of this room has been thoughtfully curated to offer a peaceful sanctuary for the boys to recharge and find solace in the beauty of their surroundings.


Traci's expertise shines through in the boys' shared bedroom, where her impeccable styling choices enhance the coastal theme. From the carefully selected bedding and our custom cushions to the natural accents and lighting fixtures, every element reflects her discerning taste and impeccable sense of aesthetics.


The boys' shared bedroom is a testament to Traci's talent as both an interior creator and a skilled photographer. It showcases her ability to blend functionality, beauty, and a touch of coastal charm into a space where her sons, Phoenix and Cruz, can thrive and find comfort.

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