Evette's Enchanting Princess Bedroom: Small Business Treasures Come to Life!

Meagan from @forever.in.squares has lovingly created an enchanting princess-themed bedroom for her daughter, Evette. Embracing the magic of small businesses, Meagan has curated a collection of delightful items that transform Evette's room into a fairy tale paradise. Let's explore these treasures, from whimsical decor to charming accessories, that bring Evette's princess dreams to life.

  1. @minnieandmeinteriors: Bouquet Arch. Evette's princess journey begins with the Bouquet Arch Wall Decal from @minnieandmeinteriors. Adorned with colorful flowers, this beautiful arch sets the stage for a grand entrance, making Evette feel like royalty in her magical realm. 
  2. @littlecustomcreations: Bunting & Butterfly Wall Decals. Adding a touch of magic, Meagan chose the exquisite bunting and butterfly wall decals from @littlecustomcreations. These decorations infuse Evette's room with color and charm, instantly transforming it into a captivating fairy tale wonderland. 
  3. @erin.bacchi: Milkshake Blossoms A4. The Milkshake Blossoms A4 print from @erin.bacchi adds a sweet and whimsical focal point to Evette's room. This adorable artwork, featuring delightful blossoms, sparks Evette's imagination and brings a touch of magic to her space. 
  4. @thebahancollective: Little Princess Canvas Wall Flag & Castle Cushion. To add regal elegance, Meagan selected the Little Princess Canvas Wall Flag and Castle Cushion from @thebahancollective. The castle cushion offers comfort and a sense of grandeur, allowing Evette to feel like a true princess. 
  5. @pepperminttreecreations: Doll Bow Cushion. For cozy moments, Evette's room features the Doll Bow Cushion from @pepperminttreecreations. This adorable cushion, was completely handmade! 

  6. @littleshopofcutes: Princess Doll. No princess-themed room is complete without a cherished companion. Meagan selected a lovely Princess Doll from @littleshopofcutes, providing Evette with a beloved friend for countless magical playtime adventures. 
  7. @avaandharperco: Once Upon a Time Wall Mate, Meagan incorporated the Once Upon a Time Wall Mate from @avaandharperco. This enchanting wall-mounted decor piece casts a soft, magical glow, helping Evette drift off to sleep with dreams of fairy tales and happily-ever-afters.
  8. @cewco.au: Jewelry Box & Castle Wall Decor. Evette's room is adorned with a elegant Jewelry Box and Castle Wall Decor from @cewco.au. The jewelry box keeps Evette's treasures safe, while the castle wall decor adds a touch of royal elegance, elevating the princess theme and enchanting the room.
  9. @l.a_neons: Night Light. This night light illuminates Evette's room with a dreamy glow, creating a magical atmosphere.

Incorporating these small business treasures, Meagan has created an enchanting princess bedroom where Evette's imagination can flourish and her princess dreams can come true.

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