Personalised Charm in Havana and Lexy’s Shared Kids Bedroom by Brooke from @thehstyled

Step into a shared kids' bedroom designed by the talented Brooke from @thehstyled, where personalised touches and charm take center stage. Join us as we explore the delightful details of this thoughtfully created space, featuring our custom cushions made from New Zealand wool especially for Brooke’s gorgeous daughters, Havana and Lexy. 

This shared kids' bedroom radiates warmth and individuality. Brooke's keen eye for design has transformed the room into a cozy and inviting haven for Havana and Lexy.

Take a closer look at our custom cushions, lovingly crafted from New Zealand wool. Brooke has beautifully incorporated them into the room as a statement piece. These personalised cushions bring a sense of belonging and make the space uniquely theirs.

Notice the cute bedside accessories that add an extra dose of charm to the room. The nightlight by @littlebellelight creates a soft and comforting ambiance, perfect for peaceful nights. Dried flowers add a touch of natural beauty and bring a sense of calm to the space. And let's not forget the statement white and peach rug by @missamaraloves, adding a cozy and playful element for the girls underfoot.

Brooke has curated a space that embraces comfort and functionality. From the carefully chosen color scheme, the wall accents and to the cozy tufted quilt covers by @linenhouse, every element works harmoniously to create an atmosphere that fosters relaxation and creativity.

Brooke's shared kids' bedroom design showcases the power of personalisation and simple but thoughtful touches. By incorporating our custom cushions made from New Zealand Wool, Brooke has added a special charm to the space.

Let Brooke's design inspire you to infuse your shared kids' bedroom with personalised elements and unique decor.

At The Bahan Collective, we celebrate the art of creating spaces that embrace individuality and nurture the bonds of shared experiences, and Brooke has done just that!

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